Hello! My name is Tess Rubinstein. I teach workshops on drawing, painting, and nature-based craft processes. Some classes are in person, others are virtual, all classes are rooted in the ethos of curiosity, softness, and play. Sign up for my mailing list to get updates about upcoming workshops, field-drawing sessions, and other creative offerings. 

Drawing as a Practice in Paying Attention

This course will provide a container for exploration as we build a daily art practice. We'll shift focus from output to process, using observational art-making as a means to strengthen our curiosity and reclaim our attention.

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Field-Drawing Sessions

Drop-in life drawing meet-ups in various locations around the SF Bay Area. Come as you are and draw what you like.

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Art Hang

Art Hang is a shared virtual space where we make art together. It's a place to work on a project, chat with friends, play with materials, ask questions, and feel cozy. 

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