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Drawing as a Practice in Paying Attention

Drawing as a Practice in Paying Attention

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This online, pre-recorded course will provide a container for exploration as we build a daily art practice. We'll shift focus from output to process, using observational art-making as a means to strengthen our curiosity and reclaim our attention. This class will explore a variety of creative approaches and techniques while permitting softness, shedding assumptions, and nurturing creativity in the everyday. 
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Class Description

This class is for you if you need an artistic reset, or want to reinvigorate your daily art practice with a fresh perspective. It’s relevant for new artists who need the guidance to step into their own art process, and for established artists who need the container to shift and delve deeper. 

This class is NOT a technical lesson on how to draw realistically. The focus of this course isn't to "master" life-drawing or to create a polished body of work. Instead, we'll be establishing new pathways and techniques on how to approach our daily art-making with an emphasis on process and play.

How do we meet ourselves with softness as we meet the world more fully and more engaged? How do we use art to build the capacity to be more present in our daily lives? How do we practice self-forgiveness as we navigate the creative process? How do we unlearn narratives about success and output and in order to learn more about our  environments about about ourselves? 

This class is also NOT a lesson on how to use specific art materials. It exists as a framework to explore your surroundings with whatever medium/s you see fit. If you're a new artist, I suggest picking up something that you're comfortable with. A simple pen or pencil will do! I recommend using something that can draw a fine line (pencil, pen, thin brush, etc) and something that can fill in shapes and thicker lines (crayon, big marker, round brush, etc). You're welcome to work in a sketchbook if that feels right, or work on loose sheets of paper. 



Session 1: Shedding Assumptions

Session 2: Shifting Perspective

Session 3: Inhabiting the Negative Space 

Session 4: Exploring Scale and the Passage of Time 


The Details: 

WHAT: This is a 4-session course, meeting 2-2.5 hours each session. Each class will be a guided lesson on a different creative approach. I'll be giving brief talks, doing art demos, providing exercises, and sharing worksheets. 

WHEN: This class launches in February, 2023. All sessions will be released at once, so feel free to follow along at your own pace, although I recommend leaving some breathing room between lessons. 

WHERE: This is an online, pre-recorded class. In other words, this course will NOT take place live over zoom. Once purchased, you'll receive an email confirmation of your order. Before the class launches you'll receive another email with a link to our class homepage. That's where I'll be sharing our video lessons, class notes, worksheets, and more. 

WHY: We currently live in an attention economy where our time, energy, and awareness is bought and sold as a commodity. It's become increasing more difficult to ground in our environments, in our bodies, and in our daily lives. Observational art-making, such as life-drawing, is a pathway to reclaiming this attention. It's a process by which we ask ourselves to slow down, shed our assumptions, and notice the world more fully. 


Before purchasing, please be sure to read through the entire class description. There are no refunds offered at this time.